Since 1948, the Society has advanced research into British-related theatre. We run lectures and conferences, publish books and journals, offer funding and prizes, promote excellent scholarship and support the continuing development of practice.

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Support in the Time of Corona

Recipients of our support grants are detailed below!

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Arriving Shortly! Steve Nicholson's Censorship blockbuster

Annual Publication

What have Poel Workshop Alumni been doing in the Great Theatre Shutdown....?

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‘Remote’ Annual General Meeting

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Society adopted a ‘remote-AGM’ that was carried out entirely via email and post. Due to social distancing measures, an in-person AGM was not possible and the Annual Address has also been cancelled.

Members were issued AGM papers on Wednesday 27th May either by email or post as requested.. In addition, the Annual Report and Financial Statement are both available here for the general public to view as well.

The President’s Address to the Members is now available in the Member-Only Zone, which is accessed simply by logging in. For login reminders or instructions please email membersinterests@str.org.uk

Details of our committee members including the newly-appointed ones, officers, co-opted committee members and advisers have now been posted on the Committee page.

All future live events are still contingent on government-required measures; however, the STR monthly newsletter is still continuing, the STR website has new articles every week, and there is plenty to look forward to from the STR. We have recently announced the Research Awards recipients, the winner of the Theatre Book Prize, and the winners of the New Scholars Prize. Members will soon find their copy of this year’s Annual Publication making its way to them in the post, as well as the next issue of Theatre Notebook.


If you’d like to join the Society, or need to renew your membership, you can do so on our Join and Renew page here.

Simon Sladen, Chair of the Society

Postal Communications

Our registered address for post – Blythe House – is now closed for the duration of the coronavirus restrictions.  All communications regarding AGM business should be addressed to the Hon Sec via contact@str.org.uk or by post to 4 Kings Road, Chalvey, Slough, Berkshire SL1 2PT.

Our Treasurer, Geoff Davidson, has kindly offered as a temporary measure to let his own home address act as the Society’s address so that as far as possible most of our postal business can be carried on normally. If you need to send us something by post (unrelated to the AGM), please therefore send it to

Geoff Davidson
Bakers Barn
8 Hall Farm Green
Great Saling

And it will be dealt with as soon as possible, given the difficult circumstances.

Email communications are working normally, so please use our email contacts whenever possible.

Member Notices

14 July 2020

Country Life and Mr Punch

Geoffrey Davidson

9 July 2020

British Theatre in Colonial America

Barry Sheppard

6 July 2020

Missing Matcham’s theatres

Geoffrey Davidson

30 March 2020

The Matcham Directory

Barry Sheppard

31 October 2019

Tell Me I’m Forgiven:The Story of Forgotten Stars Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney

Alison Child

18 October 2019

Liverpool theatrical treasure trove

Kate Quartano Brown

3 October 2019

Pierrots and concert parties

Tony Lidington

25 September 2019

European Historic Theatres Day – 25th October

Barry Sheppard

4 August 2019

Goodison Fellowship: open for applications

Howard Loxton

1 August 2019

Your chance to join the Tiller Girls………….

Barry Sheppard

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