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Annual Publication 2020 - 2021

The Unknown Granville Barker : Letters to Helen & Other Texts, 1915-1918, edited by Simon Shepherd, has been dispatched to members. Copies are available for purchase

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Annual Publication 2020-2021

The Unknown Granville Barker : Letters to Helen & Other Text, 1915-1918, edited by Simon Shepherd

The name of Harley Granville Barker is well known both in the theatre industry, where his plays continue to be performed, and in academic study of drama and theatre, especially Shakespeare studies.   However, because almost no attention has been paid to an archive which the British Library purchased in the late 1990s,  work  published on him has been inaccurate about both his beliefs and the major career change in his life.

This British Library archive is the richest source of material on Granville Barker:   its contents show his beliefs and his most personal feelings    It  consists mainly of correspondence between Barker and  Helen Huntington, whom he met in 1914 and who became his second wife in 1918.  These letters tell us the truth about the early years of their relationship as well as what they read, discussed and planned. This book presents extended extracts from the Barker-Huntington correspondence together with unfamiliar short essays by Barker and some interviews which were published  in American newspapers.   These cover topics such as the future of American theatre, uses of drama with children with learning difficulties, eurhythmics, and the origins of theatre.

Impeccably edited and abundantly annotated by Simon Shepherd, the primary texts are accompanied by contextualising essays about Helen Huntington.  The first looks at the personal lives and crises of those involved in the break-up of Granville Barker’s marriage to his first wife, Lillah McCarthy.   Reconsidering McCarthy’s  actions, this essay also suggests that Huntington was abused by the husband from whom Barker rescued her.  A second essay addresses the portrayal of Helen Huntington as a theatre-hating woman who ruined Barker’s career.    In fact she was a regular theatre-goer, a writer, and  Barker’s eventual collaborator. Little-known portrait photographs of her are reproduced as  two of the book’s three illustrations.

Hardback (2021), ca.290 pp., 3 illus., ISBN 978 0 85430 085 3

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The STR is interested in expanding its long and distinguished list of publications in the history and technique of the British Theatre. Holders of STR research awards are especially – but by no means exclusively – encouraged to submit proposals for future STR publications.

A proposal would normally include:
[i] a summary statement of the proposed book and its anticipated market (if any beyond the theatrically savvy members of the STR, who receive publications as part of their membership package);

[ii] an estimate of overall length;

[iii] a chapter-by-chapter break-down, listing chapter titles and preferably also indicating contents and guestimating length of each chapter;

[iv] a note of any illustrations likely to be used;

[v] and at least one or two sample chapters.

All proposals, and enquiries about making them, should be addressed to
the General Editor, Marion O’Connor: mfo@kent.ac.uk

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  1. List of STR Publications from 1948 to the present

    1948-49 – A Loewenberg, The Theatre of the British Isles excluding London

    1949-50 – C Rice, The London Theatre in the 1830s, ed A C Sprague and B Shuttleworth

    1950-51 – Studies in English Theatre History, ed M St Clare Byrne

    1950-51 – J Grant, Penny Theatres from `Sketches in London’ (1838) (pamphlet)

    1951-52 – Robert Speaight, William Poel and the Elizabethan Revival (with Heinemann)

    1951-2 – William Poel’s Prompt-book of `Fratricide Punished’, ed J Isaacs (pamphlet)

    1952-53 – W C Smith, Italian Opera in London 1789-1820

    1952-53 – E Croft-Murray, John Devoto: a baroque scene painter (pamphlet)

    *1953-54 – A C Sprague, The Stage Business in Shakespeare’s Plays: a Postscript (pamphlet)

    1954-55 – Memoirs of Charles Dibdin the Younger, ed George Speaight

    1954-55 – Sybil Rosenfeld, Foreign Theatrical Companies in Great Britain in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries (pamphlet)

    1955-56 – Transactions of the International Conference on Theatre History (pamphlet)

    *1956-57 – Oxberry’s 1822 Edition of `King Richard III’: with descriptive notes made by James Hackett recording Edmund Kean’s Performance, facsimile ed A S Downer

    1957-58 – J F Kerslake, Catalogue of Theatrical Portraits in London Public Collections

    1957-58 – W A Armstrong, Elizabethan Private Theatres: facts and problems (pamphlet)

    1958-59 – J L Hodgkinson and R Pogson, The Early Manchester Theatre (with Anthony Blond)

    1959-60 – Ivor Guest, The Empire Ballet

    1961-62 – J F Arnott and J W Robinson, English Theatrical Literature 1559-1900

    1960-61 – Theatrical Portraits, introd George Speaight (folder)

    1961-62 – V C Clinton-Baddeley, Some Pantomime Pedigrees (pamphlet)

    1963-64 – A Jefferson, The Operas of Richard Strauss (with Putnam)

    1964-65 – A C Sprague, Shakespeare’s Histories, Plays for the Stage

    1964-65 – A C Sprague, The Doubling of Parts in Shakespeare’s Plays pamphlet)

    1965-66 – The London Theatre 1811-1866: Selections from the Diaries of Henry Crabb Robinson, ed E Brown

    1966-67 – St Vincent Troubridge, The Benefit System in the British Theatre

    1967-68 – I K Fletcher and A Rood, Edward Gordon Craig: a Bibliography

    1968-69 – The Committee Books of the Theatre Royal, Norwich 1768-1825,
    ed D H Eshleman

    1969-70 – Theatrical Street Ballads, ed J W Robinson

    *1969-70 – Ifan Kyrle Fletcher, a Memorial Tribute (pamphlet)

    1970-71 – A Bridges-Adams Letter Book, ed Robert Speaight

    1971-72 – Daniel Nalbach, The King’s Theatre 1704-1867

    1972-73 – A Drury Lane Journal, ed A L Nelson and G B Cross

    *1972-73 – C B Hogan, Index to `The Wandering Patentee’

    1973-74 – Norman MacDermott, Everymania: The History of the Everyman Theatre, Hampstead, 1920-1926

    1974 – K M D Barker, The Theatre Royal, Bristol (Subscription Publication)

    1974-75 – C Murray, Robert William Elliston, Manager

    *1975-76 – Olive Youngs, Index to `Theatre Notebook’ Vols 1-25 (1945-71)

    1976-77 – Sybil Rosenfeld, Temples of Thespis

    1977-78 – R Klepac, Mr Mathews at Home

    1977-78 – Paul Sawyer, The New Theatre at Lincoln’s Inn Fields (pamphlet)

    1978 – Terence Rees, Theatre Lighting in the Age of Gas (Subscription Publication)

    1978-79 – Mollie Sands, Robson of the Olympic

    *1979 – K M D Barker, Bristol at Play (Subscription Re-Publication, originally published by Moonraker Press)

    1979-80 – Anthony Vaughan, Born to Please: Hannah Pritchard, Actress, 1711-1768

    1980-81 – A Hare, George Frederick Cooke: the Actor and the Man

    *1981 – The Life and Travels of Richard Barnard (Subscription Publication)

    1981 – H A A Whiteley, Memoirs of Circus,Variety, etc as I Knew It (Subscription Publication)

    1981-82 – E W White, A Register of First Performances of English Operas

    1981-82 – Victorian Theatrical Trades, ed Michael Booth (pamphlet)

    1982-83 – Allan Wade, Memories of the London Theatre 1900-1914, ed A Andrews

    1983-84 – Richard Foulkes, The Shakespeare Tercentenary of 1864

    *1984 – Sybil Rosenfeld, The Georgian Theatre of Richmond, Yorkshire (with the Ebor Press of York) (Subscription Publication)

    1984-85 – Jim Davis, John Liston, Comedian

    1985-86 – Wendy & J C Trewin, The Arts Theatre, London, 1927-1981

    1986-87 – George Rowell, William Terriss and Richard Prince: Two Characters in an Adelphi Melodrama

    1987-88 – Mollie Sands, The Eighteenth-Century Pleasure Gardens of Marylebone

    1988-89 – John Downes, Roscius Anglicanus, ed Judith Milhous & Robert D. Hume

    1988-89 – Josephine Harrop, Victorian Portable Theatres

    1989-90 – Sam Wild (ed ‘Trim’), Old Wild’s: A Nursery of Strolling Players

    1989-90 – Wendy Trewin, The Royal General Theatrical Fund

    1990-91 – Olive Youngs, Index to Theatre Notebook Vols 26-40 (1972-1986)

    1991-92 – Paul Ranger, `Terror and Pity…’: Gothic Drama in the London Patent Theatres, 1750-1820

    1991-92 – Harry William Pedicord, `By Their Majesties’ Command’: The House of Hanover at the London Theatres 1714-1800

    1992 – Robert Eddison, Majestic Service: An Autobiographical Memoir (pamphlet)

    1992-93 – F Wilton, The Britannia Diaries 1863-1875: Selections, ed Jim Davis

    1992-93 – Richard Foulkes, The Calverts: Actors of Some Importance

    1993-94 – Claire Cochrane, Shakespeare and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre 1913-1929

    1993-94 – Anthony Denning, Theatre in the Cotswolds, ed Paul Ranger

    1994-95 – Scenes from Provincial Stages, ed Richard Foulkes

    1994-95 – Robert Atkins, An Unfinished Autobiography, ed George Rowell

    1995-96 – A C Sprague, The Stage Business in Shakespeare’s Plays: a Postscript (pamphlet), introd Lois Potter

    1996-97 – British Theatrical Patents 1801-1900, ed Terence Rees and David Wilmore

    1997-98 – Christopher Fry, Early Days (pamphlet)

    1997-98 – W G Knight, A Major London `Minor’:the Surrey Theatre 1805-1865

    1997-98 – Charles Rice, Tavern Singing in Early Victorian London:Diaries for 1840 and 1850, ed Laurence Senelick

    1998-99 – Philip Butterworth, Theatre of Fire: Special Effects in Early English and Scottish Theatre

    1998-99 – Francesca Franchi, Directory of Performing Arts Resources, 3rd ed

    1999-2000 – Theodor Fontane, Shakespeare in the London Theatre, 1855-1858, ed & trans Russell Jackson

    1999-2000 – George Speaight, The Juvenile Drama:A Union Catalogue (pamphlet)

    2000-01 – W S Gilbert, Theatrical Criticism, ed Jane Stedman

    2000-01 – Carol Jones Carlyle, Helen Faucit: Fire and Ice on the Victorian Stage

    2001-02 – Sybil Rosenfeld, The York Theatre

    2001-02 – Paul Ranger, Under Two Managers: the Everyday Life of the Thornton-Barnett Theatre Company, 1785-1853

    2002-03 – Derek Forbes, Illustrated Playbills

    2002-03 – Performance and Spectacle in Hall’s `Chronicle’, ed Janet Dillon

    2003-04 – Görel Garlick, To serve the purpose of the drama: the theatre designs and plays of Samuel Beazley, 1786-1851

    2003-04 – Charles Edward Horn, Memoirs of his Father and Himself, ed Michael Kassler (with Ashgate)

    2004-05 – Jinnie Schiele, Off-Centre Stages: Fringe Theatre at the Open Space and the Roundhouse (with University of Hertfordshire Press)

    2005-06 – Elizabeth Schafer, Lilian Baylis: a biography (with University of Hertfordshire Press)

    2006-07 – Anselm Heinrich, Entertainment, Propaganda, Education: Regional theatre in Germany and Britain 1918-1945 (with University of Hertfordshire Press)

    2007 – Olive Youngs, Anna Kahn, and Hazel Bell, An Index to` Theatre Notebook’ Vols 41-60 (1972-2006)

    2007-08 – The Journals of Sydney Race 1892-1900: A Provincial View of Popular Entertainment, ed Ann Featherstone

    2008-09 – James Winston, `The Theatric Tourist’ 1805, facsimile ed Iain Mackintosh, introd Marcus Risdell (with The British Library)

    2008-09 – Don Chapman, The Oxford Playhouse: High and Low Drama in a University City (with University of Hertfordshire Press)

    2009-10 – Frances Gray, Meggie Albanesi: A Life in the Theatre

    2009-10 – Winifred Dolan, A Chronicle of Small Beer: The memoirs of a Victorian actress, ed Andy Moreton, foreword Kate Newey

    2010-11 – British Theatrical Patents 1901-1950, ed Terence Rees & David Wilmore (with Theatreshire Books)

    2010-11 – Jill A Sullivan, The Politics of the Pantomime: Regional Identity in the Theatre 1860-1900 (with University of Hertfordshire Press)

    2011-12 – Margaret Leask, Lena Ashwell: Actress, Patriot, Pioneer (with University of Hertfordshire Press)

    2012-13 – Terry Stoller, Tales of the Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn, foreword Michael Billington (with Methuen [Bloomsbury])

    2013-14 – Jacob Hooke, `Pinacotheca Bettertonæana’: The Library of a Restoration Actor, ed David Roberts

    2013-14 – Richard L Lorenzen, The History of the Prince of Wales’s Theatre 1771-1903 (with University of Hertfordshire Press)

    2014-15 – David Mayer and Bryony Dixon, Bandits! or, The Collapsing Bridge: an early film and a late-Victorian stage, introd Neville Hunnings

    2015-16 – Don-John Dugas, Shakespeare for Everyman: Ben Greet in Early Twentieth-Century America, foreword Simon Callow

    2016-17 – Matthew Morrison, The Soho Theatre 1968-1981

    2017-18 – John McCormick, The Holdens: Monarchs of the Marionette Theatre

    2018-19 – Jean Baker, Sarah Baker and her Kentish theatres, 1737-1816: challenging the status quo