Members’ Notes and Queries

16th November 2023

Fully-funded PhD opportunity – Oxford University and the National Trust

Brianna Robertson-Kirkland

21st August 2023

Sir Stanley Wells’s Culture Fix

Geoffrey Davidson

14th August 2023

Praise for ‘The Funniest Man in London’ in the TLS

Anthony Binns

26th July 2023

Publication of George Devine’s Wartime Letters

Howard Loxton

17th July 2023

Critical Stages – the free journal of the International Association of Theatre Critics is now available

Howard Loxton

11th June 2023

Frank Exchanges: letters from David Wood to his mentor Frank Whitbourn

Chris Abbott

21st January 2023


Alan Stockwell

27th November 2022

Peg Woffington book proposal shortlisted for the 2022 Tony Lothian Prize.

Annette Rubery

13th November 2022

Mr Dickens and Master Betty

Kate Quartano Brown

21st September 2022

New article on translating theatre: Bringing La Pell Escrita to Belfast

Richard Huddleson

2nd September 2022

Why not join us for the publication launch of The Funniest Man in London on Thursday 17th November at the CAA Covent Garden?

Anthony Binns

2nd September 2022

The Funniest Man in London – H.G. Pélissier (1874-1913). Edwardian impresario, satirist and composer and founder of The Follies. New publication available now for pre-order.

Anthony Binns

9th July 2022

Roseliska! at The Prisoner’s Theatre, Portchester Castle

Brianna Robertson-Kirkland

28th June 2022

Call for information: Nancy Roberts (1885-1962)

Brianna Robertson-Kirkland

21st June 2022

Cardboard Gothic: Damsels, Demons and Heroes

Brianna Robertson-Kirkland

13th June 2022

Black Theatre Making in the Lord Chamberlain’s Plays Collection.

Kate Dossett

27th May 2022

New Book on Master Betty

Howard Loxton

7th April 2022

Where is Captain Hook?

Kate Quartano Brown

1st March 2022

London Island Theatres – Adam Harrison

Diana Fraser

13th September 2021

A special offer from publishers Nick Hern Books

Howard Loxton

11th May 2021

New issue of Critical Stages (No 22) now available free

Howard Loxton

9th April 2021

Stage Ghosts and Haunted Theatres

Nick Bromley

8th February 2021

Information required on actor William Edwin Davis (1888-?)

Andrew Davis

30th September 2020

Theatre Dance part of Early Dance Festival on Line 16-18 October

Howard Loxton

14th July 2020

Country Life and Mr Punch

Geoffrey Davidson

9th July 2020

British Theatre in Colonial America

Barry Sheppard

6th July 2020

Missing Matcham’s theatres

Geoffrey Davidson

30th March 2020

The Matcham Directory

Barry Sheppard

31st October 2019

Tell Me I’m Forgiven:The Story of Forgotten Stars Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney

Aloysius Aardvark

18th October 2019

Liverpool theatrical treasure trove

Kate Quartano Brown

3rd October 2019

Pierrots and concert parties

Tony Lidington

25th September 2019

European Historic Theatres Day – 25th October

Barry Sheppard

4th August 2019

Goodison Fellowship: open for applications

Howard Loxton

1st August 2019

Your chance to join the Tiller Girls………….

Barry Sheppard

30th July 2019

A new novel about Stoker, Irving and Terry

Howard Loxton

27th July 2019

Publishers offering discounts on books

Howard Loxton

16th July 2019

Fairfield Halls Croydon Open Day

Adam Harrison

6th July 2019

Richmond Theatre Open Day & Event

Adam Harrison

1st July 2019

A history of the Victorian Music Hall on stage

Anthony Binns

13th June 2019


David Huxley

8th March 2019

Membership Matters

Kate Quartano Brown

24th February 2019

Theatre Translation Futures Forum, Monday 4 March 2019, 19:00-21:00 Bloomsbury Studio Theatre

Geraldine Brodie

24th February 2019

Place a Notice here!

Kate Quartano Brown

30th January 2019

Critics Circle Theatre Awards 2018

Howard Loxton

21st January 2019

Scottish Opera in Matcham splendour

Geoffrey Davidson

17th January 2019

Matcham’s Masterpieces on Film

Barry Sheppard

24th November 2018

Smedley on Smedley

Kate Quartano Brown

13th November 2018

Response to Darren Smith

Kate Quartano Brown

6th November 2018

Can anyone identify this quotation?

Kate Quartano Brown

24th July 2018

New monograph on Thomas ‘Jupiter’ Harris

Kate Quartano Brown

24th September 2012

Finding Sampson Penley


17th July 2012

Master Printer Websdale


4th July 2012