4 October 2016 / Grants and Awards

Research Awards: 2016 Winners

Awards totalling £4800 were announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting in May 2016, which included £500 from the Craig Fund, and £200 from the President’s Fund.


The Anthony Denning Award of the Society for Theatre Research to
HELENA HAMMOND, working on Dancing with History – Kenneth Macmillan: images of Mayerling, Manon, Isadora

The Kathleen Barker Award of the Society for Theatre Research to
RICHARD SMEDLEY, working on Joseph Smedley (no relation), early 18thC actor-manager.

The Stephen Joseph Award of the Society for Theatre Research to
MARTA MINIER, working on the Whirligig Children’s Theatre.

An Award from the Craig Fund was made to
HILARY VERNON SMITH, a subvention towards publication of a book of scene-painting recipes.

An Award from the President’s Fund was made to
MARION REED, for research into the Georgian Theatre, Penzance.


TIMOTHY KEENAN, for image rights on a comprehensive collection of images for a book on Restoration Staging.

LUCIE SUTHERLAND, working on a biography of George Alexander

JANICE NORWOOD, working on Victorian Actresses on Tour in the US.

DEVON COX, working on French prisoner-of-war theatre in Portchester, Selkirk, and Mahon.

SARAH CROVER, research for a book on Pageantry on the frozen Thames.

RHIANNON EASTERBROOK, working on performing classical antiquity in Britain 1895-1914.

SIOBHAN O’GORMAN, working on Transnational theatre – Behan, Swift and Littlewood.

J. ELLEN GAINOR, researching The Stage Society and the new drama.

Applications are now being invited for the 2017 awards. [read more]