12 June 2014 / Grants and Awards

Research Awards 2014

The following awards, totaling £4327 (including £300 from the Gordon Craig Fund) were announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting in May 2014:

The Anthony Denning Award of the Society for Theatre Research
to Dr CLAIRE WARDEN, working on early 20th century British
Theatre Practitioners in Russia.

The Kathleen Barker Award of the Society for Theatre Research
 Dr CATHERINE HINDSON, working on Theatre in the Model Village (Bournville and Port Sunlight), 1888-1925.

The Stephen Joseph Award of the Society for Theatre Research to

Dr FIONA BRENNAN, working on a history of theatre in Tralee
and Killarney, Ireland, 19th-20th centuries

TINA CARTER, for travel to circus archives in Montreal for
evidence of ‘disabled aerialists’ working in the 19th and 20th

TONY COULT, for work on two archival TIE projects, Interplay
(Leeds) and Key Perspectives (Peterborough).

ANNA FARTHING, for work on largely young female performers
who performed mixed bills of entertainment for troops during the
First World War.

Dr EVA GRIFFITH, working on a performance history of Webster’s The White Devil.

JOHN RIDDELL, for work on Theatre Space in Northern Ireland
since 1922 (from the Gordon Craig Fund).

Dr JAMI ROGERS, for work on ethnic minority actors in Shakespeare

Dr SIMON SLADEN, to develop his National Database of Pantomime Performance, and for a documentary on Pantomime Music Today.

ALAN JONES, for funding to help attend and co-chair the SIBMAS/TLA Congress 2014 (from the President’s Fund).