6 May 2021 / News

Protest against cuts to Arts Education

The STR, like so many arts organisations, is deeply concerned and opposes the proposals to cut government funding to arts education by 50%. The Office for Students (OfS), the independent regulator for HE in England, has opened a consultation on funding for 2021-22, which is closing today.

The 51-page consultation document is based on a statutory guidance letter written by the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson. Here is the entire document so that you can read for yourselves what has been suggested, but the salient clause reads:

“The Government proposes that the courses…that are not among its strategic priorities – covering subjects in music, dance, drama and performing arts; art and design; media studies; and archaeology – are to be subject to a reduction of 50 percent.”

If you are associated with arts in higher education, please consider responding forcefully to this consultation.

Please support and share the petition link as much as you can to express your opposition to these proposals: click the link below to go to the petition site