Vol. 9, No. 3

pp57-84, Spring 1955


  1. Falstaff Hackett

    Arthur Colby Sprague

  2. W. J. Lawrence: a Handlist, IV

    Bertram Shuttleworth

  3. Roger Kemble's Company at Worcester

    F. Grice

  4. The Peer and the Players

    A. Stuart Brown


Theatrical Companion to Shaw. A Pictorial Record of the First Performances of the Plays of George Bernard Shaw

Raymond Mander and Joe Mitchenson

Music at Court

Alan Yorke-Long

Teague, Shenkin, and Sawney

J. O. Bartley

Mrs Siddons Tragic Actress

Yvonne ffrench

Shakespeare's Motley

Leslie Hotson

Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits

Sir David Lindsay

Theatre World Annual, no.5 (June 1953-May 1954)

Frances Stephens, ed.

Falstaff Hackett –§– W. J. Lawrence: a Handlist, IV –§– Roger Kemble’s Company at Worcester –§– The Peer and the Players.


Editorial: the lamentable closure of London and provincial theatres
STR Bulletin, no.27



A Speculation of Stars: re.All Right on the Night, and Cibber’s phrase, “a blazing star”

A 17th Century Indoor Stage: theory about spectators – Fijtje Goris and Tamme Lubbert

Unknown Comedy: William Beckford’s letter, 1819 – “That’s a pretty spencer,” a tailor in unknown comedy

Parodies of Giselle: footnotes to article in the last issue

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