Vol. 61, No. 1

pp1-60, 2007


  1. 'Assisted By A Barber' The Court Apothecary Special Effects and The Gypsies Metamorphosed

    Andrea R. Stevens

  2. The Early Restoration Stage Re-Anatomised: The Adventures Of Five Hours at Lincoln's Inn Fields 1663

    Tim Keenan

  3. Dryden and Lee Oedipus A Probable Performance in January or February 1697/98

    John D. Baird

  4. Charles Alexander Calvert at the Theatre Royal, Newport

    Wendy Taylor

  5. 'Such A Humble Branch Of Our Art' The Victorian Theatre Orchestra

    David Haldane Lawrence


British Music Hall: An Illustrated History

Richard Anthony Baker

Lions Comiques!

Peter Honri

Fantasies of Empire: The Empire Theatre of Varieties and the Licensing Controversy of 1894

Joseph Donohue

Mr Phipps' Theatre: The Sensational Story of Eastbourne's Royal Hippodrome

Mark Jones and John Pick

‘Assisted By A Barber’: The Court Apothecary Special Effects and The Gypsies Metamorphosed –§– The Early Restoration Stage Re-Anatomised: The Adventures of Five Hours at Lincoln’s Inn Fields 1663 –§– Oedipus: Probable Performance in 1697/98 –§– Charles Alexander Calvert at Newport –§– The Victorian Theatre Orchestra.


The Georgian Playhouse and its Continental Counterparts 1750-1850
John Rich and the Eighteenth-Century London Stage: Commerce, Magic and Management

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