Vol. 59, No. 1

pp1-60, 2005


  1. Portraits if Restoration Actors Michael Mohun and Edward Kynaston: New Evidence

    Jennifer Renee Danby

  2. New Evidence about the Restoration Scene Keeper James Triggs?

    J. P. Vander Motten & Katrien Daemen-de Gelder

  3. Dramatic Opera and Theatrical Reform: Dennis's Rinaldo and Armida and Motteux's The Island Princess

    Kathryn Lowerre

  4. Rights and Riots: Footmen's Riots at Drury Lane 1737

    Elizabeth Fitzgerald-Hume

  5. The Theatre at Wynnstay: Some Further Observations

    Alan Bird


Coventry's Forgotten Theatre: The Theatre Royal & Empire

Ted Bottle

Restoration Actors Michael Mohun & Edward Kynaston –§– Restoration Scene Keeper James Triggs? –§–Dramatic Opera & Theatrical Reform: Dennis’s Rinaldo and Armida & Motteux’s The Island Princess –§– Rights & Riots: Footmen’s Riots, Drury Lane 1737 –§– Theatre at Wynnstay.


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