Vol. 58, No. 2

pp45-120, 2004


  1. Glynne Wickham (1922-2004)

    Martain White

  2. Patronage, Puritanism and Playing: Travelling Players in Elizabethan and Stuart Maldon, Essex

    Siobhan Keenan

  3. The Rotunda: Variety Stage and Socialist Platform

    John Earl

  4. Twentieth Century Choices: Or What Did They See from the Stall, Circle and Gallery? III Sheila Winter (1934-1945)

    Geoff Davidson


There were no book reviews in this issue

Glynne Wickham (1922-2004) –§– Patronage, Puratism & Playing: Travelling Players in Elizabethan & Stuart Maldon, Essex –§– The Rotunda: Variety Stage & Socialist Platform –§– 20thC Choices: or what did they see from the stalls, circle & gallery? III Sheila Winter: 1934-45


Poole’s Myriorama! A Story of Travelling Panorama Showmen by Hudson John Powell

NOTE: Powell’s address was incorrectly given in this issue (and in a subsequent erratum).
The correct address (at the time) was: 101 Old Bath Road, Cheltenham, Glos. GL53 7DA)

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