Vol. 49, No. 1

pp1-60, 1995


  1. Filling the Gaps: Further Comments on Two Performances of Nathum Tate's King Lear in 1701, their dates and cast

    Penelope Hicks

  2. Receipts at Drury Lane: Richard Corss's Diary for 1746-47 Part I

    Judith Milhous and Robert Hume

  3. Oswald Stoll: A Music Hall Pioneer

    Andrew Crowhurst


Playhouse Wills 1558-1642. An edition of wills by Shakespeare and his contemporaries in the London theatre

E. A. J. Honigmann and Susan Brock

Cold War Theatre

John Elsom

Harry W. Pedicord, 1912-1994 (obit.) –§– Filling the Gaps: Further Comments on Two Performances of Nathum Tate’s King Lear in 1701, their dates and cast –§– Receipts at Drury Lane: Richard Corss’s Diary for 1746-47 Part I –§– Oswald Stoll: A Music Hall Pioneer.


Lipperheide Collection, Berlin

Additions to Archives 1993

On Proscenium Doors

Members’ Research Interests

Edward Alleyn: Elizabethan Actor, Jacobean Gentleman

The Swiss Theatre Collection

Ben Jonson and the Theatre

Requests for information about:
Eleanor Elise Belmont
John Drinkwater
Charles Dillon’s performances of Coriolanus



Conversations with Punch, compiled & edited by Geoff Felix
Two Companions
The Cambridge Companion to Brecht
East Lynne
Othello, the Moor of Fleet Street
Players of Shakespeare: 3, Russell Jackson, ed.
Hertfordshire’s Past, no.33,
“A Little of What you Fancy, theatrical drawings by Sir Robert Ponsonby


Harry W. Pedicord, 1912-1994

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