Vol. 48, No. 1

pp1-60, 1994


  1. Poussin's Coriolanus and Kemble's Roman Matron

    David George

  2. Anatomy of a Theatrical Season for Covent Garden, 1758-59

    George Winchester Stone Jr

  3. D'Arc's in Dublin

    John Phillips

  4. The Old Cross Music Hall

    Alan Stockwell

  5. Oscar Wilde's Contract for A Woman of No Importance

    Joel H Kaplan


The Profession of the Playwright: British Theatre 1800-1900

John Russell Stephens

The Old Vic: A History

George Rowell

Records of Early English Drama, Lancashire

David George, ed.

The First English Actresses: Women and Drama, 1660-1700

Elizabeth Howe

Sexual Suspects: Eighteenth-Century Player and Sexual Ideology

Kristina Straub

Actresses as Working Women: Their Social Identity in Victorian Culture

Tracy C. Davis

Poussin’s Coriolanus and Kemble’s Roman Matron –§– Anatomy of a Theatrical Season for Covent Garden, 1758-59 –§– D’Arc’s in Dublin –§– The Old Cross Music Hall –§– Oscar Wilde’s Contract for A Woman of No Importance.


New style of Theatre Notebook



Can Anyone Help?

Theatre Museum News

An Intermetiate Stage Level in the Elizabethan Theatre

Additions to Archives



Doctor Faustus and A Game of Chess, in Revel’s Plays
Literary Essays and Reviews (with some Ellen Terry Letters), by John Whitehead
The Concise Oxford Companion to the Theatre
Cambridge Guide to the Theatre
A Methuen Book of Theatre Verse, Jonathan and Moira Field
Scott Dramatized, by Philip H. Boulton

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