Vol. 43, No. 2

pp49-96, 1989


  1. "Mr M" and the Bath Company: An Unfortunate Application

    Kathleen Barker

  2. Mrs Inchbald's Egyptian Boy

    Patricia Sigl

  3. Edmund Kean's Masonic Career

    C. Douglas Abel

  4. A Letter to John Stanley: A New Theatrical Document of 1712

    Judith Milhous and Robert D. Hume


The Batsford Dictionary of Drama

Terry Hodgson

The Man of Mode, by George Etherege

Simon Trussler, ed.

The Plain Dealer, by William Wycherley

Simon Trussler, ed.

The Constant Couple

Simon Trussler, ed.


Edward Bond

A Companion of Henslowe's Diary

Neil Garson

In One Person Many People: The Image of the King in Three RSC Productions of William Shakespeare's King Richard II

Liisa Hakola

The Beckett Actor

Jordon R. Young

The Prologues and Epilogues of the Restoration Part 4

Pierre Danchin, ed.

International Bibliography of the Theatre: 1984

Benito Ortolani, ed.

Panoramania! The art and Entertainment of the "All Embracing" View

Ralph Hyde

Das Festspiel: Formen, Funkitonen, Perspektiven

Balz Engler, ed.

English Drama of the Nineteeth Century: An Index and Reading Guide

James Ellis and Joseph Donohue, eds

Commedia dell'Arte: a Guide to the Primary and Secondary Literature

Thomas F. Professor Heck

“Mr M” and the Bath Company: An Unfortunate Application –§– Mrs Inchbald’s Egyptian Boy –§– Edmund Kean’s Masonic Career –§– A Letter to John Stanley: A New Theatrical Document of 1712.


Dido Drake, Minna Grey

Three Scrapbooks, of a young theatre-goer, 1910-1914

Index of Music Hall Music

Marie Illington (1856-1927)

Regent’s Park Open-Air Theatre

Proposed Victorian studies Conference

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