Vol. 42, No. 2

pp49-96, 1988


  1. Elizabethan and Jacobean Touring Companies

    John Wasson

  2. London Prompt Book for Belphegor and Measure for Measure

    Irena Cholij

  3. Edward Pigott: Eighteenth-Century Theatre Chronicler

    Elizabeth Gibson

  4. New Information on the Playhouse in Wine Street, Bristol

    Mark C. Pilkinton

  5. Astley's Amphitheatre

    George Speaight


The Royal Court Theatre 1965-1972

Philip Roberts

The Life and Works of John Weaver. An Account of his life, writings and theatrical productions, with an annotated reprint of his complete publicatations

Richard Ralph

Records of Early English Drama: Cumberland, Westmorland and Gloucestershire

Audrey Douglas and Peter Greenfield, eds

Calendar of English Renaissance Drama 1558-1642

Yoshiko Kawachi, ed.

The French Stage and Playhouse in the XVII Century

T. E. Lawrenson

Lusic Hall: The Business of Pleasure

Peter Bailey, ed.

Playbill, A history of the theatre in the West Country

Harvey Crane

Christopher Rich of Drury Lane: The Biography of a Theatre Manager

Paul Sawyer

The Theatre Museum Unpacks: Treasures from the Costume Collection

Sarah Woodcock and Philip Dyer

The Court Ballet of Louis XIII: a collection of working designs for costumes 1615-33

text by Margaret M. McGowan

Peter Brook and Marat/Sade: Workshop and Production in Great Directors at Work

David Richard Jones

The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare Studies

Stanely Wells, ed.

Renaissance Revivals: City Comedy and Revenge Tragedy in the London Theatres, 1576-1980

Wendy Griswold

Elizabethan and Jacobean Touring Companies –§– London Prompt Book for Belphegor and Measure for Measure–§– Edward Pigott: Eighteenth-Century Theatre Chronicler –§– New Information on the Playhouse in Wine Street, Bristol –§– Astley’s Amphitheatre.


Stage Society Lantern Slides and Exhibitions

An index of actors & dancers at the 2nd Theatre Royal, Richmond, Surrey
Messink and Son

End of a Theatre (The Standard Theatre of Victorian England, TN 41/3/144

“Theatre and Landscape” Conference, Buxton

“The Edwardian Era” Exhibition. Barbican, Nov 87 – Feb 88

Gothick England (a course at Oxford)

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