Vol. 41, No. 2

pp49-96, 1987


  1. Theatrical Business in the 1880s

    Michael R. Booth

  2. Komisarjevsky's Three Sisters: The Prompt Book

    Victor Emeljanow

  3. A Note on the Dimensions of the Bridges Street Theatre

    Mark A. Howell

  4. The Music for Durfey's Cinthia and Endimion

    Olive Baldwin and Thelma Wilson

  5. Charles Killigrew's Petition about the Master of the Revels' Power as Censor (1715)

    Judith Milhous and Robert D. Hume

  6. Art and Eigtheenth-Century Acting Style. Part II: Attitudes

    Alan Hughes


The Life and Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan

James Morwood

The Lamplit Stage. The Fisher Theatre Circuit 1792-1844

Moira Field

English Medieval Theatre 1400-1500

William Tydeman

Red Plush and Gilt, The Heyday of the Manchester Theatre During the Victorian and Edwardian Periods

Joyce Knowlson

The Theatre in Leicestershire; A History of Entertainment in the County from the 15th Century to the 1960s

Helen and Richard Leacroft

Theatrical Business in the 1880s –§– Komisarjevsky’s Three Sisters: The Prompt Book –§– A Note on the Dimensions of the Bridges Street Theatre –§– The Music for Durfey’s Cinthia and Endimion –§– Charles Killigrew’s Petition about the Master of the Revels’ Power as Censor (1715) –§– Art & 18thC Acting Style. Part II: Attitudes.


Death of Dr William A. Armstrong, former Theatre Notebook editor


Astley’s Amphitheatre

Adelaide Neilson (1845-1880)

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Gaps and Opportunities in Research

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