Vol. 41, No. 1

pp1-48, 1987


  1. Stage Machinery at the Grand Theatre Llandudno

    Ted Bottle

  2. Counterweights in Elizabethan Stage Machinery

    John H. Astington

  3. Art and Eighteenth-Century Acting style. Part I: Aesthetics

    Alan Hughes


Illustrations of the English Stage, 1580-1642

R. A. Foakes

The London Stage 1920-1929: A Calendar of Plays and Players

J. P. Wearing

Dickens and Popular Entertainment

Paul Schlicke

A History of the Theatre

Glynne Wickham

The Everyman Companion to the Theatre

Peter Thomson and Gãmini Salgãdo

Carnival and Theatre: Plebeian Culture and the Structure of Authority in Renaissance England

Michael D. Bristol

Theatre and Crisis, 1632-1642

Martin Butler

Stage by Stage, The Making of the Theatre Museum

Jean Scott Rogers, with a foreword by Donald Sinden

A History of the Theatre in Europe

John Allen

The Theatre Duke: Georg II of Saxe-Meiningen and the German Stage

Ann Marie Koller

Editorial: Rebuilding the Globe –§– Stage Machinery at the Grand Theatre Llandudno –§– Counterweights in Elizabethan Stage Machinery –§– Art and Eighteenth-Century Acting style. Part I: Aesthetics.


Rebuilding the Globe



The Popularity of The Gamester

Ibsen Plays

The Association for Canadian Theatre History

Current Research


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