Vol. 36, No. 3

pp97-144, 1982


  1. The Nature of the Dorset Garden Theatre

    Robert D. Hume

  2. John Philip Kemble and the Critics

    Maarten van Dijk

  3. Henry Laneman

    William Ingram

  4. Serlio's Theatre and Perspective Scenes

    Richard Leacroft

  5. English Musical Theatre 1830-1900: Indexes

    George Hauger


Music in the Theatre of Ben Jonson

Mary Chan

Theatre in Colchester

Nicholas Butler

A History of the Circus

George Speaight

An Actor's Right to Act

Joseph MacLeod

Entertainments for Elizabeth I

Jean Wilson

Two in One

E. Martin Browne, with Henzie Browne

British Music-Hall 1840-1923: a bibliography and guide to sources, with a supplement on European music-hall

Laurence Senelick, David F. Cheshire and Ulrich Scheider

Edward Gordon Craig and "The Pretenders"; a Production Revisited

Frederick J. Marker and Lise-Lone Marker

George Frederick Cooke, Machiavel of the Stage

Don B. Wilmeth

The Nature of the Dorset Garden Theatre –§– John Philip Kemble and the Critics –§– Henry Laneman –§–Serlio’s Theatre and Perspective Scenes –§– English Musical Theatre 1830-1900: Indexes.


Acting and staging medieval drama



Frederick Hastings (request for information)

Tom Heslewood (request for information)

Brady Collection

Hannah Pritchard

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