Vol. 34, No. 2

pp49-96, 1980


  1. Stagecraft in the York Cycle

    Peter Holding

  2. Dorset Garden Theatre: Playhouse or Opera House?

    John R. Spring

  3. The Introduction of Perspective Scenery and its Effect on Theatre Forms, II

    Richard Leacroft

  4. Lighting on the Eighteenth-Century London Stage: A Reconsideration

    Donald Mullin

  5. Folger "Jul. Caes. 8": A Covent Garden Promptbook

    Leo Hughes


Who was Who in the Theatre 1912-76 (4 vols)

Temples of Thespis: Some Private Theatricals in England and Wales 1700-1820

Sybil Rosenfeld

Stagecraft in the York Cycle –§– Dorset Garden Theatre: Playhouse or Opera House? –§– The Introduction of Perspective Scenery & its Effect on Theatre Forms, II –§– Lighting on the 18thC London Stage: A Reconsideration –§– Folger “Jul. Caes. 8”: A Covent Garden Promptbook.


Erwin Piscator



A Performance in the Cockpit, Drury Lane, 1655-56

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