Vol. 27, No. 3

pp85-124, Spring 1973


  1. J. T. Haines in Manchester, 1828-29

    G. E. Wewiora

  2. The Second Blackfriars: The Globe Indoors

    David Whitmarsh-Knight

  3. Perspective Scenery and the Caroline Playhouses

    John Freehafer


The Boar's Head Theatre: An Inn-Yard Theatre of the Elizabethan Age

C. J. Sisson (and Stanley Wells, ed.)

The Concise Oxford Companion to the Theatre

Phyllis Hartnoll, ed.

Sheridan - The Track of a Comet

Madeleine Bingham

The Drama's Patrons

Leo Hughes

The Profession of Dramatist in Shakespeare's Time, 1590-1642

Gerald Eades Bentley

Britain's Theatrical Periodicals, 1720-1967: A Bibliography

Carl J. Stratman

The Tempest: An Extended Review of the Nottingham Playhouse Production

Richard Foulkes, ed.

J. T. Haines in Manchester, 1828-29 –§– The Second Blackfriars: The Globe Indoors –§– Perspective Scenery and the Caroline Playhouses.


A Museum of British Theatre in Somerset House
The STR Bulletin, no. 99



Plays at Kilruddery

Duke of York’s Theatre (request for information)

Sophia and Robert Baddeley

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