Vol. 26, No. 4

pp129-168, Summer 1972


  1. Pinero the Actor

    J. P. Wearing

  2. Pinero's Professional Dramatic Roles, 1874-1884

    J. P. Wearing

  3. New Early 18th Century Performances and Casts

    Edward A. Langhams

  4. Gordon Craig and Bach's St Matthew Passion

    Edward Craig

  5. Somerset Maugham's Perfect Gentleman, 1912-13

    Christian P. Gruber


Nineteenth Century British Theatre

Kenneth Richards and Peter Thomson, eds

The Career of Mrs Anne Brunton Merry in the American Theatre

Gresna Ann Doty

But Hark! More Harmony

Eugene Haun

Shakespeare Survey 24: Shakespeare: Theatre Poet

Kenneth Muir, ed.

Plays, Players and Playwrights: An Illustrated History of the Theatre

Marion Geisinger

Minneapolis Rehearsals - Tyrone Guthrie Directs Hamlet

Alfred Rossi

Shakespearean Prompt-books of the Seventeenth Century, Vol. 5, Part II Text of the Smock Alley Macbeth

G. Blakemore, ed.

Pinero the Actor –§– Pinero’s Professional Dramatic Roles, 1874-1884 –§– New Early 18th Century Performances and Casts –§– Gordon Craig and Bach’s St Matthew Passion –§– Somerset Maugham’s Perfect Gentleman, 1912-13


Acquisition of the Sheridan papers
Possible use of Somerset house for the Theatre Museum
The STR Bulletin, no. 96



Addendum to the lists of British dramatic periodicals in Stratman and Lowe
“Theatre Quarterly” Symposium

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