Vol. 23, No. 3

pp81-116, Spring 1969


  1. The London Theatrical Agent

    James de Felice

  2. Laura Keene and Edwin Booth in Australia

    Eric Irvin

  3. Alexander Johnston, Machinist

    Kalman Burnim and Philip Highfill Jr

  4. Salisbury and the Blackfriars Theatre

    Robert M. Wren


A Guide to the Theatre and Drama Collections at the University of Texas

Compiled by Frederick J. Hunter

Theatre Backstage from A-Z

Warren C. Lounsbury

An Appreciation of Ifan Kyrle Fletcher –§– The London Theatrical Agent –§– Laura Keene and Edwin Booth in Australia –§– Alexander Johnston, Machinist –§– Salisbury and the Blackfriars Theatre.


Facsimile reprints of theatre books
Appreciation of the late Ifan Kyrle Fletcher
The STR Bulletin, no. 83


“Changeable Scenery for Plays on the Caroline Stage” (TN22/6-20)

Theatrical Ghosts (request for information)

Giant Race Before the Flood (comment on review)

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