Vol. 21, No. 4

pp145-194, 1967


  1. The Victoria and Albert Ballet Exhibition and Catalogue

    Ifan Kyrle Fletcher

  2. Staging the N-Town Cycle, part II

    Kenneth Cameron and Stanley J. Kahrl

  3. Sheridan-Linley Documents

    Cecil Price

  4. An Act Drop at Bath

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  5. Max Beerbohm's Drawings of Theatrical Figures (III)

    Roy Huss

  6. Christopher Wren's Theatre Royal

    Donald Mullin and Bruce Koenig


Conceptions of Shakespeare

Alfred Harbage

Shakespeare Survey 19

Kenneth Muir, ed.

Bibliography of English Printed Tragedy 1565-1900

Compiled and edited by Carl J. Stratman

Shakespeare's Plays in Performance

John Russell Brown

Margate and its Theatres

Malcolm Morley

The Polite World

Joan Wildeblood

The Victoria and Albert Ballet Exhibition and Catalogue –§– Staging the N-Town Cycle, part II –§– Sheridan-Linley Documents –§– An Act Drop at Bath –§– Max Beerbohm’s Drawings of Theatrical Figures (III) –§–Christopher Wren’s Theatre Royal.


Appeal for the British Theatre Museum
The STR Bulletin, no. 74


The Theatric Tourist

Theatre building term

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