Vol. 21, No. 3

pp97-144, 1967


  1. Max Beerbohm's Drawings of Theatrical Figures (II)

    Roy Huss

  2. Falstaff on an 18th Century Battlefield

    Christian P. Gruber

  3. Staging the N-Town Cycle, part I

    Kenneth Cameron and Stanley J. Kahrl


The Letters of Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Cecil Price, ed.

English Melodrama

Michael R. Booth

Theatre General and Particular

George Hauger

Background to European Ballet

Peter Brinson, with a foreword by Mary Skeaping

Max Beerbohm’s Drawings of Theatrical Figures (II) –§– Falstaff on an Eighteenth Century Battlefield –§–Staging the N-Town Cycle, part I.


The Boke of Brome, and its departure to America
The STR Bulletin, no. 75


John Rich (request for information)

Linishee Lovel; or, The Gipsy of Asburnham Dell

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