Vol. 21, No. 1

p1-52, Autumn 1966


  1. Theatre Notebook: a Birthday Tribute

    Professor Allardyce Nicoll

  2. Prompt Book's Progress

    Muriel St. Clare Byrne

  3. The London Theatres, 1776-1800

    Charles Beecher Hogan

  4. The Study of Drama in the British Universities, 1945-1966

    Glynne Wickham

  5. Costume Research in the Last Twenty-One Years

    James Laver

  6. Juvenile Drama and Puppetry Research

    George Speaight

  7. Theatre Preservation and Design: A Decade of Development

    William Kendall

  8. English Opera Research: The Immediate Past and the Future

    Eric Walter White

  9. A Museum in the Making

    Laurence Irving

  10. Historical Research and the Circus

    Anthony D. Hippisley Coxe

  11. The Post-War Contribution to the History of British Ballet

    Ivor Guest


The Irish Stage in the County Towns, 1720-1800

William Smith Clark

The Theatre Royal Bristol - Decline and Rebirth 1834-1943

Kathleen Barker

Theatergeschichte Europas Volume 7

Heinz Kindermann

Mrs Jordan: Portrait of an Actress

Brian Fothergill

Theatre Notebook Birthday Tribute –§– Prompt Book’s Progress –§– London Theatres, 1776-1800 –§– Study of Drama in British Universities, 1945-1966 –§– Costume Research in the Last 21 Years –§– Juvenile Drama & Puppetry Research –§– Theatre Preservation & Design –§– English Opera Research –§– A Museum in the Making –§– Historical Research & the Circus –§– The Post-War Contribution to the History of British Ballet.


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