Vol. 20, No. 4

pp133-168, Summer 1966


  1. Arthur Murphy's Long Lost Englishman from Paris: A Manuscript Discovered

    Simon Trefman

  2. Three Early Eighteenth-Century Promptbooks

    Edward A. Langhans

  3. Actor-Über-Marionette

    Theodore Herstand

  4. Edward Alleyn, Actor and Benefactor

    W. S. Wright

  5. De Loutherbourg and Pizzaro, 1799

    Raymond Mander and Joe Mitchenson


Shakespeare Survey 18

Allardyce Nicoll, ed.

The Penguin English Dictionary

A Handelian's Notebook

William C. Smith

British Music Hall

Raymond Mander and Joe Mitchenson

Arthur Murphy’s Long Lost Englishman from Paris: A Manuscript Discovered –§– Three Early Eighteenth-Century Promptbooks –§– Actor-Über-Marionette –§– Edward Alleyn, Actor and Benefactor –§– De Loutherbourg and Pizzaro, 1799.


Comments on the press relating to the founding of a National Theatre Museum
The STR Bulletin, no 72


De Loutherbourg and Richard III

Index to the London Stage, 1660-1800, part 3, 1729-1747, correction

Brimingham Theatre

Bridges Street Theatre (re. TN18/p.98)

Dandyism in Regency Pantomime (re. TN20/3)

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