Vol. 20, No. 3

pp93-132, Spring 1966


  1. Malcolm Morley

    George W. Nash

  2. Mrs Tofts, 1685? - 1756

    Mollie Sands

  3. Scene Painters at the London Theatres in the 18th Century

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  4. William Poel's First Full Platform Stage

    J. A. B. Somerset

  5. Folger Library Manuscripts Relating to The Theatric Tourist


Mr Goodman the Player

John Harold Wilson

The London Stage 1600-1800, part 3: 1729-1747

Arthur H. Scouten, ed.

Coppin the Great, Father of the Australian Theare

Alec Bagot

Malcolm Morley –§– Mrs Tofts, 1685? – 1756 –§– Scene Painters at the London Theatres in the 18th Century –§–William Poel’s First Full Platform Stage –§– Folger Library Manuscripts Relating to The Theatric Tourist.


Replies to last issues editorial about the need for a theatre museum
The STR Bulletin, no.71


Dandyism in Regency Pantomime

Arnold Bennet (request for information)

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