Vol. 18, No. 3

pp73-112, Spring 1964


  1. The Theatre Proprietor's Story

    Kathleen M. D. Barker

  2. Wren's Restoration Playhouse

    Edward A. Langhans

  3. The First Strand Theatre

    Malcolm Morley

  4. The Symposium at Stcokholm, 1960

    Allardyce Nicoll


Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor

William Green

Shakespeare Survey 16

Allardyce Nicoll, ed.

The Theatre of the 'Fifties

Sheila Wilson

Traductions et Adaptionas Françaises du Théàtre Etranger (vol.5) Théàtre Anglais, Théàtre Americain

M. Horn-Monval

The Theatre Proprietor’s Story –§– Wren’s Restoration Playhouse –§– The First Strand Theatre –§– The Symposium at Stcokholm, 1960.


Editorial: Foreign Companies at the Aldwych Theatre
Exhibition: Shakespeare at the Theatre
STR Bulletin, no.63


Covent Garden Auction Sale, 1856 (ref. TN, VIII, p.36)

Wakefield Opera House: microfiliming of Bamfield’s letters, 1892-1896

Cardiff, Crockherbtown Theatre (information wanted)

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