Vol. 18, No. 2

pp37-72, Winter 1963/64


  1. Biographical Notes on Some Restoration Actresses

    John Harold Wilson

  2. Notes on The Recruiting Officer

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  3. The British Theatre Museum

    G. W. Stone

  4. The Eidophusikon Illustrated

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  5. The Mummers' Play

    Alex Holm

  6. The Enthoven Purchase Fund - The First Ten Years

    Kathleen M. D. Barker


Mr Macready Produces As You Like It: A Prompt-Book Study

Charles H. Shattuck

Directors and Directing

Toby Cole and Helen Krich Chinoy, eds

Prefaces to Shakespeare

Harvey Granville-Barker (foreword & notes by M. St. Clare Byrne)

The World of Harlequin. A Critical Study of the Commedia dell' Arte

Allardyce Nicoll

Shakespeare and the Actors

R. W. David

A Score for Lovers Made Men, a Masque by Ben Jonson

Andrew J. Sabol

J. T. Green, Ambassador of the Theatre 1862-1935 A Study in Anglo-Continental Relations

N. Schoonderwoerd

Biographical Notes on Some Restoration Actresses –§– Notes on The Recruiting Officer –§– The British Theatre Museum –§– The Eidophusikon Illustrated –§– The Mummers’ Play –§– The Enthoven Purchase Fund – The First Ten Years.


Exhibition in honour of the Winter Queen, Elizabeth,, Queen of Bohemia
Music in the Theatre
Sir St. Vincent Troubridge (death announcement)
STR Bulletin, no.62
An Early Theatre Ticket


Samuel Phelps, information needed for biography

Thomas Greenwood the Elder, scene designs (ref. vol. XV, 31)

Dr S. Schoenbaum, free offer of publication

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