Vol. 16, No. 3

pp69-108, Spring 1962


  1. A Theatre in York House

    John Harold Wilson

  2. Burlesques of Charles Kean's Winter's Tale

    Stanley Wells

  3. An Opera House Account Book

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  4. The Re-creation of a Theatre

    Olga Ironside Wood and Ernest Scott

  5. New Papers of Henry Holland and R. B. Sheridan:
    (I) Holland's Drury Lane

    Ian Donaldson


Studies in the Elizabethan Theatre

Charles T. Prouty, ed.

Planning the Stage

Percy Corry

The Curtain Rises

W. Macqueen Pope

Henry Purcell and the Restoration Theatre

Robert Etheridge Moore

Jacobean Theatre

John Russell Brown and Bernard Harris

Who's Who in the Theatre

Originally compiled by John Parker

A Theatre in York House –§– Burlesques of Charles Kean’s Winter’s Tale –§– An Opera House Account Book –§– The Re-creation of a Theatre –§– New Papers of Henry Holland and R. B. Sheridan: (I) Holland’s Drury Lane.


George Speaight writes on the subject of Mr Punch
STR Bulletin, no.55



A Real “Bill of Mortality,” David Garrick

Margate Theatre (information wanted)

Hroswitha’s Plays, Callimachus

Alexander Pope, 1763-1835 (information wanted)

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