Vol. 15, No. 1

pp1-40, Autumn 1960


  1. Actor's Wills

    Philip H. Highfill

  2. Unlisted Ballets

    Jean Georges Noverre and Lillian Moore

  3. The Earliest Hamlet Prompt-Book in an English Library

    M. St. Clare Byrne

  4. Two Designs by the Elder Thomas Greenwood in 1777

    Ronald C. Kern

  5. The Play of Daniel Produced by the New York Pro Musica

    J. W. Robinson


Gateways to the Dance

Ruby Ginner

The Living Theatre

Elmer Rice

The Player's Shakespeare: Twelfth Night

J. H. Walter, ed.

A Picture History of Opera

Philip Hope-Wallace

Actor’s Wills –§– Unlisted Ballets –§– The Earliest Hamlet Prompt-Book in an English Library –§– Two Designs by the Elder Thomas Greenwood in 1777 –§– The Play of Daniel Produced by the New York Pro Musica.


STR Bulletin
International Federation for Theatre Research



Theatrical Hosiers: Haighs (information wanted)

“To Produce” as a Theatrical Term

Theatrical Motto (ref. TN vol 14, no.4, p.143)

Victoria St. Lawrence (1854-1931) (information wanted)

Richard Nelson Lee, 1806-1873 (copy of autobiography sought)

Gay’s What d’ye Call it whereabouts of missing MS

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