Vol. 12, No. 3 

pp77-108, Spring 1958


  1. Edmund Simpson's Talent Raid on England in 1818 (I)

    Philip H. Highfill

  2. The Manoel Theatre, Malta

    Peter Boydell

  3. Illustrations of Minor Theatres

    George Speaight

  4. Bristol University Theatre Collection


The Oxford Companion to the Theatre

Phyllis Hartnoll, ed.

The Medieval Theatre in the Round

Richard Southern

Cradle of Culture, 1800-1810. The Philadelphia Theatre

Resse Davis James

The Chichester Theatre

Francis W. Steer

Come Dance With Me, A Memoir 1898-1956

Ninette de Valois

La Mise en scène des oeuvres du passé

Jean Jacquot and André Veinstein, eds

Edmund Simpson’s Talent Raid on England in 1818 (I) –§– The Manoel Theatre, Malta –§– Illustrations of Minor Theatres –§– Bristol University Theatre Collection.


Editorial: The establishment of a British National Theatre
STR Bulletin, no.39 (inc. The Library)



Oblique Wings (ref. TN Vol.12, issue 1)

Toy Theatre Curtains: The Corsican Brothers

Prompt Side at Drury Lane (information wanted)

“On the Green” (ref. The Medieval Theatre in the Round, by Richard Southern

Elizabethan Players in Winslow Church

Early Sussex Theatres. Arundel

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