25 January 2023 / Events

Theatre on the Spectrum: theatre training and the neurodivergent


Theatre on the Spectrum: Theatre Training and Neurodivergence
Gifted with different ways of learning, attending, communicating and interacting, many neurodivergent individuals are attracted to the arts. But how has theatre training – initially developed by and for neurotypical practitioners – responded? What would enable neurodivergent creatives to nurture and achieve their potential? What can we do to address inequalities within the field, as well break down the barriers we unwittingly impose onto the neurodivergent? Join us for an informative and entertaining talk, drawing upon Jorik Mol’s extensive lived experience as an openly autistic performer and educator. We especially welcome those who identify as neurodivergent and their allies.

This will be delivered live at ST Anne’s Church (55 Dean Street.  London W1D 6AF) and also recorded on Zoom.  The Zoom event may be accessed on:

Webinar ID: 899 3541 8222
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Born in the Netherlands, Jorik Mol is a performer, writer, educator and autistic activist for equity, diversity and inclusion who specialises in neurodiversity. He trained as a performer, writer and actor in the Netherlands, later performing and even teaching stand-up comedy in the UK for 8 years. As an activist, Jorik has represented his local NHS Trust at the Parliamentary Enquiry on the Autism Strategy in 2019, is a member of Autistica Insight Group, and has chaired events for Autistica and Autscape conferences. He is currently writing his first non-fiction book for Jessica Kingsley Publishers on autistic empathy. Find Jorik and keep up with his blog at:


25 January 2023


19:30 - 21:00


St Anne's Soho, 55 Dean Street, London, UK