11 November 2015 / Events

Seventy Years of Theatre History Research, 1945 – 2015

Discussion By Professor Trevor R. Griffiths, Professor Gabriel Egan, Dr Sarah Mccleave, Professor Claire Cochrane & Dr Marion O’Connor

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the STR’s journal, Theatre Notebook, a panel of past and present editors will explore the journal’s history and the changing nature of writing about theatre history. When the founder editors published the first six-page issue of Theatre Notebook in October 1945 they could scarcely have conceived the developments that would flow from that modest beginning. The panel will consider some of the changes to the landscape of theatre history in the last seventy years, from the rise of drama and theatre studies as an academic subject to the impact of the digital revolution on theatre research.

The panel will include the current editorial team (Professor Trevor R. Griffiths, Professor Gabriel Egan and Dr Sarah McCleave) and former editors Professor Russell Jackson and Dr Marion O’Connor.


11 November 2015




Swedenborg Hall, Barter Street, London, UK