13 February 2024 / Lectures

Next lecture: Toy Theatres!

During the Victorian period, many popular plays were reproduced in toy theatre formats.  Publishers such as Benjamin Pollock and William Webb created miniature versions of theatres as well as the characters, costumes and scenery of the original productions.  Such toy theatres served both as souvenirs and enabled families to recreate a favourite production at home.  After Pollock’s death in 1937, many of his toy theatre publications remained in print and Pollock’s Toy Museum, first in Covent Garden and later in Fitzrovia, served to educate and delight new generations.

Alan Powers is the Chair of the Pollock’s Toy Theatre Trust and will be discussing his long association with Pollock’s Toy Theatre Trust and highlighting Benjamin Pollock’s instrumental role in the revival of toy theatre.  He will also be discussing the new home of Pollock’s collection at Pickford’s House, Derby, now branded as ’The Tiny World of Toy Theatre’.


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