27 August 2020 / Poel Workshops

What Did You Do…..? (4) A Werewolf at Christmas

KATHERINE RODDEN has been in the business for some 12 years now, as an actor in theatre, film and radio.  She took part in the 2015 Poel Workshop.  Here she gives us a taste of what the shutdown has meant to her and how she has kept busy  during it.

I feel for all the youngsters finally coming in to the industry and being faced with all this. It’s a real test of convictions.  I’ve been lucky in keeping really busy and I’m superbly grateful for that. Here are some of the highlights, with links.

I have been writing and performing a little comedy and getting some nice shout-outs on the British Comedy Guide Website.  Here’s a Disney parody I did back in April:

I’ve also been working with writer Sarah Pitard on a series about The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, of which we have released two episodes thus far. Have a look at it at

           The thing that has been a real blessing to be involved with has been being the voice of the               Covid 19 Memorial Forest Fund campaign Details here:

In September I’m off to shoot Frost Bite, a werewolf movie set on Christmas Eve!   So – the industry is still running, just slowly and carefully.

Love to all the Poel family. It was such a wonderful thing to be a part of.