23 March 2017 / News

Welcome to LIBRARY!

Ever since the merger of the New Cavendish Club with the ‘In and Out’, which was not felt to be a suitable replacement, we have been on the lookout for a new London venue for STR members.

And at last we have found one: LIBRARY (no definite article) on St Martin’s Lane immediately opposite the Coliseum. We have negotiated a corporate membership which will give STR members many of the rights at the club enjoyed by its individual members. This will be effective from 1st May. More information about the benefits of membership will be posted here shortly.

Facilities at Library include two bars, a dining room, quiet areas for work or meetings, bedrooms, showers, a concierge service and reciprocal arrangements with clubs around the world. Bar food is available from 11am-10pm and the restaurant is open 6-10pm. In addition the Society has free use of the club’s meeting spaces for its own events three times a year.

Full information about all aspects of Library can be found at

We ask that STR membership cards are shown at reception; this will help us monitor use of the club and assess its usefulness and cost-effectiveness. (We haven’t issued cards for the last 2 or 3 years but they are to be reintroduced for 2017/18. In the meantime, announcing yourself as an STR member will suffice.) Three guests may be taken into the club on each visit.

We hope members will find this a useful and rewarding addition to their STR membership benefits. Please let us know how you enjoy it.