30 March 2017 / News

Wanted: a treasurer

Dr Kirsty Sedgman has told us that she wishes to relinquish her roles as STR Treasurer and Membership Secretary by the end of the current subscription year – 30th September 2017 at the latest. She has, however, very generously said that until then she will continue to administer membership and the treasury until we are able to find a suitable replacement and a complete and efficient handover has been achieved.

Kirsty joined us at a very difficult time and has had a lot of work to do getting things back into shape. Membership is now back on track and the treasury will be better functioning once the 2015/16 accounts are completed in a couple of weeks in time for the AGM. There is much to be grateful to her for.

Meanwhile, we need to start the search for her replacement. It may be appropriate to split the Membership Secretary and Treasurer roles this time round. The priority at the moment is for a Treasurer. Please, therefore, let me have any suggestions or, better still, offers as soon as possible.

Barry Sheppard