16 June 2012 / News

Theatre Notebook – Vol. 66

The first issue of Volume 66 came out in April.
Herewith a list of its contents:

Margaret Gibson’s Letters to her Mother 1931-40, by Richard Purver
“Finest Printing on the Road”: The Importance of Poster Advertising for Touring Theatre Companies Around the Turn of the Twentieth Century, by Michael Diamond
The Phenomenology of Non- Theatre Sites on Audience, by Jo Newman
Book Reviews
   The Cambridge Introduction to Theatre Historiography, by Thomas Postlewait
   Twentieth-Century British Theatre: Industry, Art and Empire, by Claire Cochrane
New Scholars Prize 2012 (announcement)

And the latest issue (vol.66, no.2), which is about to be published:

“Books of the Songs to be Had at the Theatre”: Some Notes on Fruit Women and their Contribution to Theatre Finances, by Valerie Fairbrass
Christopher Rich – From Puritan to Theatre Manager, by Terry Jenkins
Paternity of the Siblings of Charles and Thomas Dibdin, by Keith Drummond Sharp
Going at the Theatre: Toilet Facilities in the Early Playhouses, by John H. Astington
The Proscenium Doors in The Duke’s Theatre Lincoln’s Inn Fields, by Frans Muller
Book Reviews
   Collaborations: Ninette de Valois and William Butler Yeats, by Richard Allen Cave
   Automata and Mimesis on the Stage of Theatre History, by Kara Reilly
   The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Vol 2: 1941-1956, George Craig, Martha Fehsenfeld, Dan Gunn, Lois Overbeck (eds.)
   Old Time Variety: An Illustrated History, by R. A. Baker
   Music and Musicians on the London Stage, 1695-1705, by Kathryn Lowerre
   Joan Littlewood’s Theatre, by Nadine Holdsworth

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