25 May 2022 / Grants and Awards

The 2022 STR Research Grants

Applications for grants this year were on their way back to pre-pandemic levels, which is great news in that it shows people are returning to active research, going to archives and conducting interviews, but also meant that we had some difficult choices to make. Many applications, moreover, were not as focussed on traditional forms of research as hitherto, and it was clear that the various eligibility criteria for Research, Practitioner, and Conference Grants need to be clarified. We will be working together to evolve more precise protocols and processes for the next rounds of all Grant programmes, and the revised criteria will be published here on the Grants page as soon as they have been agreed.

Applicants this year ranged from independent scholars, performers, and writers, to doctoral students and established lecturers, and subjects included oral history projects, pierrots, Welsh opera, naval pageants, and theatre at the Ramsbottom Co-op Hall among many other fascinating subjects. Do keep an eye on this website for the occasional articles from grant recipients which illustrate the wide variety of the theatre research that we support – you can find them on the Research Grants page, or by going to the News Hub and choosing the ‘Grants and Awards’ category.

We made thirteen grants in all, as follows:

The Anthony Denning Grant is given to
James Hudson, senior lecturer at Lincoln, for travel to archives in London to work on
The British Council and the Marat/Sade Controversy

The Kathleen Barker Grant is given to
Brooke Nicole Martin, PhD student, Bangor, for travel to Aberystwyth to look at manuscripts of
Unpublished Welsh operas

Other grants are given to

Tony Lidington, showman and independent scholar, towards image permissions for his forthcoming book, commissioned by Routledge, entitled Don’t Forget the Pierrots

Christopher Beeching writer, researcher, performer, based in Greece, towards image permissions for his second volume of the biography of George Leybourne  –  The Heaviest of Swells

Jacqueline Bolton, Lincoln, and Nicholas Holden Greenwich, both lecturers in Drama, towards image permissions for their forthcoming book Beautiful Doom: the work of Dennis Kelly on stage and screen

Clare Chandler,  Senior Lecturer at Wolverhampton, towards travel to London for interviews in connection with her work on Contemporary British Musicals

Madeleine Saidenberg,  DPhil candidate at Oxford, towards travel and accommodation in Dublin for her research into Shakespeare and the Debate for a National Theatre in Dublin, 1745-60

Helen Dallas, DPhil candidate at Oxford, towards travel to archives in Bristol, Cambridge and London for her research into Material Afterlives: Dramatic Characters in Romantic Material Culture

Olivia Kershaw Research Officer for the Ramsbottom Co-op Hall Heritage Trust, towards subscriptions to archives in connection with her research into From the Mill to the Music Hall: The theatrical heritage of Ramsbottom Co-op Hall

Rowan Thompson, Fellow, Institute of Historical Research, towards travel and accommodation in London for research into Naval Pageantry, Heritage, and Commemoration in Interwar Britain.

Ben Walters, writer, researcher, programmer, producer, towards best-practice training in the professional research techniques of oral history, in connection with his Untitled Oral History of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Wenyan Pu, PhD candidate Exeter, towards travel to archives in Bristol, London and Kent, to research Comic Male-to-female Cross-dressing in English Pantomime and Chinese Traditional Theatre


Juliette Cook, Staff at the Monmouth Theatre, for subscriptions to archives in connection with her research towards an Authorised History of the Savoy Theatre, Monmouth


Have you got a research project that might be eligible for one of our Research Grants? Application forms for 2023 will appear on the  Research Grants page later this year.