29 May 2012 / Past Events

Sound and Performance

The 11th annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft (German Society for Theatre Studies),
4th – 7th October 2012,
University of Bayreuth

The department MUSIKTHEATER at the University of Bayreuth (Prof. Mungen, Prof. Ernst, Prof. Betzwieser) will host the international conference Sound und Performance which is the 11th Congress of the Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft (Society for Theatre Research D/AU/CH). Over the last few years the notion of performativity has been very fruitful to address a wide of range of acoustic subjects such as voice, soundscape, resonance, rhythm and movement, which promote the idea of an acoustic dimension of the ‘performative turn’. The congress seeks to gather together this spectrum of questions and research approaches linking sound and performance and to discuss them from an interdisciplinary perspective.

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