23 December 2013 / News

Situations Vacant

Hon. Treasurer and Membership Secretary
It is with regret that the Society has heard from John Grice that he will not stand for re-election as Hon. Treasurer and Membership Secretary at the AGM in May 2014. Our thanks and best wishes to John.

The STR now needs to recruit a successor as a matter of urgency and the chair Richard Foulkes will be pleased to receive enquiries/expressions of interest: (

In accordance with Charity Commission regulations the Hon. Treasurer is not remunerated, though travel expenses are met, but the Membership Secretary carries a stipend of £4,000 per annum. The two posts are customarily, but not necessarily combined.

Much Society business is conducted ‘on-line’ (computer supplied by STR). A level of computer literacy, experience of database administration and simple desktop design would be useful.

There will be a transitional period alongside the current Hon. Treasurer/Membership Secretary.

Hon. Secretary
On the subject of recruitment: though we have made progress with filling some of the many facets of Eileen Cottis’s crucial role as Jt. Hon. Sec. the task is by no means complete and further help is needed (in particular with agenda/minutes of committee meetings and the AGM). The handover can be phased. Please contact chair (as above).

The STR cannot function without volunteers willing to carry out these essential jobs.

Do please give serious consideration to offering your help.

Thank you.
Richard Foulkes (Chair).