31 October 2023 / Call for Papers

SIBMAS Conference 2024: Call for Proposals

The 34th SIBMAS Conference 2024 Hong Kong

Dramaturgies of Collecting: Conserving, Restaging, and Interpreting the Performing Arts

23 – 27 June 2024

Henry Cheng International Conference Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Call for Proposals

SIBMAS and the International Association of Theatre Critics invite researchers and practitioners to submit proposals that delve into the intricate and dynamic processes of collecting, conserving, restaging, reimagining, and interpreting the performing arts in the context of libraries, archives, and museums of performing arts as well as from artists, curators, and performing arts companies.


About The Conference

International Association of Libraries, Museums, Archives, and Documentation Centres of the Performing Arts ( has been the international network of cultural heritage in the performing arts since 1954, currently serving members across 35 countries and gather individuals and institutions documenting circus, dance, film, opera, theatre and puppetry. SIBMAS promotes research in the performing arts, organises biennial conferences and provides proceedings containing the conference papers.

The 34th SIBMAS Conference 2024 will be held in Asia for the first time. Hosted by the Hong Kong chapter of the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC(HK)) in collaboration with The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library, with the support of Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme, this conference coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of SIBMAS. It also serves as one of the commemorative events for the 30th anniversary of the founding of IATC(HK).


The Theme

The “dramaturgies” of collecting, understood as strategies of selecting, curating, showcasing and representing, reveal the vision of preserving our performing arts for the future. They are multifaceted and involve careful, strategic and also creative curation, preservation and presentation of materials that reflect the richness and diversity of the performing arts and their cultural significance.


Highlights of Discussion

“Dramaturgies of Collecting”, will serve as an agenda for our discussions of the following:

  • Performing Arts Collections: Exploring the challenges and opportunities of building and expanding performing arts collections, including acquisitions, provenance research, and collaboration with donors.
  • Conserving the Performing Arts: Examining conservation practices specific to performing arts materials, including costumes, props, set designs, sound recordings, and audiovisual archives and reviewing the challenges of representing interactive and online performances.
  • Interpreting through Exhibition: Showcasing innovative and immersive exhibition techniques that highlight the dramaturgical aspects of performing arts collections.
  • Restaging Performances: Analysing the methodologies and considerations involved in restaging historical performances using performing arts resources and documentation.
  • and more …

Please refer to the Conference theme page for details:


Important Dates

  • 1 December 2023: Proposal Submission Deadline
  • 15 January 2024: Notification of Acceptance
  • 14 May 2024: Full Paper Submission Deadline

Notes for Submission