Alessandro Simari

Alessandro Simari recently completed his doctoral studies at Queen Mary University of London. His research has focused on the inter/cultural and spatial politics of performance in ‘reconstructed’ early modern theatres.

He is a member of the Performance and Political Economy research collective and is an Editorial Assistant for Theatre Notebook.

Recent publications

  • Co-editor, Special issue on “Labor in Contemporary Shakespeare Performance,” Shakespeare Bulletin 38.1 (Spring 2020) []
  • “Volunteer Labor and Theatrical Community in Emma Rice’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2016),” Shakespeare Bulletin 38.1 (Spring 2020) []
  • “Performing silence as political resistance: Audience interaction and spatial politics in Thomas Ostermeier’s Richard III,” Cahiers Élisabéthains 99.1 (2019) []

Research Interests

Early modern drama in performance, esp. in ‘reconstructed’ performance spaces; theories of historical re-performance, their politics and relation to modern performance systems; theatrical labour; performance and political economy; performance and digital technologies; cultural history of theatrical ‘distraction’; theatre proxemics; the appeal of Elizabethanism to later radical practitioners; Giorgio Strehler; Thomas Ostermeier