Tony Lidington


Tony has been a practising showman for over 35 years. He is best known throughout the country as ‘Uncle Tacko!’ of The Pierrotters (Britain’s last professional seaside pierrot troupe, Poppets Puppets and his inimitable flea circus. Tony regularly broadcasts for BBC television & radio, as well as publishing articles in journals and magazines and has recently been accepted as an accredited lecturer for The Arts Society. He was awarded his PhD for his thesis on itinerant British popular entertainment forms by the University of Exeter, where he now teaches part-time in the drama department.

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Contact Number: 07828817382

Research Interests

Historical British popular entertainment forms and their application to contemporary contexts: pierrot troupes, concert parties, pantomime, flea circuses, Raree Men & peepshows, puppetry, mechanical music, pre-cinema, music hall & variety, waxworks, automata, etc.


3rd October 2019

Pierrots and concert parties

Tony Lidington