Eleanor Bloomfield

Eleanor Bloomfield is currently completing her doctorate at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her thesis York Evolving: Change and Permanence in the York Mystery Play Cycle examines the modern cultural needs which have looked to sustain the cycle in and for current and future generations.  Of particular importance to her is academia’s role in facilitating the wider community’s engagement with medieval drama. She also works part time at the Pop-up Globe, the world’s first full-scale working reconstruction of Shakespeare’s second Globe, and has a strong interest in creative writing. After her PhD thesis is actually written, she plans to write up her PhD adventures.

Contact Email Address: e.bloomfield@auckland.ac.nz

Research Interests

  • medieval drama and modern revivals, reinventions and interpretations
  • medieval liturgy and para-liturgical devotions and their relationship to, and interaction with, drama
  • representations of the Passion in medieval drama and liturgy
  • sacred spaces in medieval urban centres