9 May 2018 / Grants and Awards

Research Awards 2018

Awards totalling £5900 were announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting in May 2018. One award was made from the Craig Fund and two grants were made from the President’s Fund.


Research Awards: 2018 recipients

The Anthony Denning Award of the Society for Theatre Research to
CATHY BRIGDEN, School of Management, Melbourne:
towards travel to Manchester from Melbourne for research into the Manchester Unity Theatre, with articles to be published in due course.

The Kathleen Barker Award of the Society for Theatre Research to
ANTHONY BINNS, independent scholar, actor, musician, playwright:
towards travel to the Pélissier family archive in Gloucestershire, and to the V&A and British Library, for research into the life and work of H.G.Pélissier, Edwardian impresario, comedian, composer and author; investigation of uncatalogued items and eventual publication of articles.

The Stephen Joseph Award of the Society for Theatre Research to
TOM CORNFORD, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama:
towards travel and image costs for research into 20thC theatre ensembles – completion and publication of a monograph for Routledge.

An award from the Craig Fund was made to
DAVID COATES, Warwick University:
towards research in Edinburgh on the scattered archive of the May family of theatrical costumiers.


ROBERT KENNY, University Fellow in French Studies at Leicester University:
towards an amanuensis to prepare for publication his book on The Inimitable Monsieur Francisque.

KATIE POWER, Southampton University:
towards travel and accommodation in New York and Washington for her PhD research into Yiddish Theatre in London.

LAURA HIGGINS, Oxford Brookes University:
towards the image costs for an article in Shakespeare Quarterly on The Queen in Richard II.

towards publication of Navigating Ireland’s Theatre Archive, in respect of those elements dealing with theatre in Northern Ireland and pre-1922 Eire.

DEBORAH JEFFRIES, University of East London:
towards travel and accommodation in Nottingham and Leeds; PhD research into the licensing of Music Halls post 1843.

ELIZABETH TAVARES, Pacific University:
towards travel and accommodation at the Huntington Library for her research into Genghis Khan on the Elizabethan Stage; for an article.

ROBERT WHELAN, independent scholar, author and editor:
towards website expenses for a further tranche of his online catalogue of performances at Drury Lane 1852-1862.

ADAM HANSEN, Northumbria University:
towards travel and accommodation in Stratford-upon-Avon, for his research into Shakespeare’s relationship with ‘folk’ music; for an article for the journal of the British Shakespeare Assocation.

ELEANOR BLOOMFIELD, University of Auckland:
towards travel and accommodation in York for PhD research into the modern significance of the reenacting of the York Mystery Plays.

BEATRICE ASHTON-LELLIOT, Portsmouth University:
towards a trip to the Circus archives in Sheffield, for her PhD research into Victorian conjurors and an article in 19thCentury Gender Studies journal.

HARRY MCCARTHY, Exeter University:
towards travel and accommodation in Stratford-upon-Avon for his PhD research into Early Modern Boy Actors.

EMILY GARSIDE, recent PhD from Cardiff University:
towards image costs for her monograph on Angels in America to be published by McFarland. (Photographs of the world premiere of the work at the National Theatre in London and its recent revival there)

SARAH REYNOLDS, Leeds University:
towards case studies for her research in evaluating the role of regional arts centres in British theatre today.

Two grants were made from the President’s Fund:
HARRIET REED, V&A, to enable her to attend the SIBMAS conference in Paris, in recognition of her work for the STR.

REBECCA FRASER, Exeter, to enable her to give a paper at the University of Surrey conference on Women’s Suffrage and the Arts. This is actually a Small Conference Grant, not a Research Award, but was granted at the same time. For more information on Small Conference Grants, which are awarded at the STR’s discretion at any time of the year, please see the link on the right-hand side of the page.