Vol. 9, No. 1

pp1-28, Autumn 1954


  1. A Seventeenth-Century Indoor Stage

    Richard Southern

  2. The Earliest Amateur Playbill

    Joseph Macleod

  3. W. J. Lawrence: A Handlist, II

    Bertram Shuttleworth

  4. Early Multiple Settings in England

    George Speaight

  5. S. Bre., French Librettists at the Court of Charles II

    Edwin P. Grobe


Venetian Opera in the Seventeenth Century

Simon Towneley-Worsthorne

Relations between the State and the national Theatre in Italy and abroad

Antonio Ciampi

Teatro, Radio e Televisione

Antonio Ciampi

Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (vol.3, no.2, Dec 1953)


A Seventeenth-Century Indoor Stage –§– The Earliest Amateur Playbill –§– W. J. Lawrence: A Handlist, II –§–Early Multiple Settings in England –§– S. Bre., French Librettists at the Court of Charles II.


Editorial: changes to Theatre Notebook, including use of the woodcut on the cover
A message from Dame Edith Evans, regarding Robert Speaight’s book William Poel
STR Bulletin, 25



Merry Andrew: identity (TN, vol.8, no.4)

Nightsbridge Music-Halls: information wanted

The Two Stages at “Sadler’s Wells”: Albert Saloon, Shepherdess Walk, Hoxton (TN, vol.8, pp.62-3)

Playbills at Alnwick Castle, Northumberland: Blue Bell Inn, Rothbury

Fraser’s Company (TN, vol.8, p.72): Jessie Fraser/Corbet Ryder, 1828

Public Night Performances in Sharekseapre’s Time (ref. TN, vol.8, p.45, n.6)

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