Vol. 8, No. 3

pp49-72, Spring 1954


  1. W. J. Lawrence: A Handlist, I

    Bertram Shuttleworth

  2. Dramatic Companies in the Provinces in the 16th & Early 17th Centuries

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  3. Dulwich College Library

    W. S. Wright

  4. Duke Street Theatre, Brighton, 1790-1806

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  5. The Two Stages at Sadler's Wells

    Martin Holmes

  6. A Juvenile Drama Advertisement

    Raymond Mander and Joe Mitchenson

  7. Shakespeare and the Juvenile Drama

    M. W. Stone


The Critics in the Audience of the London Theatres from Buckingham to Sheridan

Dale Farnsworth Smith

Theatre World Annual, No.4 (June 1952-May 1953)

Frances Stephens, ed.

The Ballet of the Second Empire, 1858-1879

Ivor Guest

Houdini on Magic

W. B. Gibson and M. N. Young, eds

Théàtre et Collectivité, Paris, Flammarion, 1953

presented by André Villiers

Nineteenth-Century Plays

George Rowell, ed.

The French Theatre of To-day, An English View

Harold Hobson

W. J. Lawrence: A Handlist, I –§– Dramatic Companies in the Provinces in the 16th & Early 17th Centuries –§–Dulwich College Library –§– Duke Street Theatre, Brighton, 1790-1806 –§– The Two Stages at Sadler’s Wells –§– A Juvenile Drama Advertisement –§– Shakespeare & the Juvenile Drama.


Editorial: Resignation of Richard Southern (due to pressure of other work)
Death of Dylan Thomas
STR Bulletin



BBC Library: Drama Section information

Michael Arne (ref. TN, vol.6, p.47): Marriage to Elizabeth Wright

Messink: Memoirs of Lee Lewis, vol.II, pp156-162 (London, 1805)

Players at Andover (Hampshire) in 1625

Mr Fraser’s Company, N. E. England & Scotland, early 1800s

Latimer, Loon and James Company (information wanted)

18th Century Drolls (information wanted)

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