Vol. 7, No. 1

pp1-24, Autumn 1952


  1. The Theatrical Notebooks of T. H. Wilson Manly

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  2. Doggett Dancing the Cheshire Round?

    Leo Hughes

  3. Bulletin of the Society for Theatre Research, no.17

  4. Notes on George Jolly's Stage in Frankfort-on-Main, 1648-1658

    Elizabeth G. Scanlan

  5. The Cecil Sharp Library

    Sara Jackson


Religious Dances in the Christian Church and in Popular Medicine

E. Louis Backman

Shakespeare in the Theatre, 1701-1800

Vol.I, A Record of Performances in London, 1701-1750
Charles Beecher Hogan

A Dictionary of Theatrical Terms

Wilfred Granville

The Theatrical Notebooks of T. H. Wilson Manly –§– Doggett Dancing the Cheshire Round? –§– Bulletin of the Society for Theatre Research, no.17 –§– Notes on George Jolly’s Stage in Frankfort-on-Main, 1648-1658 –§– The Cecil Sharp Library.


Editorial: Apologies for and a correction of an error in the previous issue, namely the printing of a plate upside down



Atheneum Theatre, Shepherd’s Bush: The Countess Kathleen, 1892
(information wanted)

Miss Rose: in 1775, regarding derogatory remarks made during a lecture at Lebeck Tavern, Strand, and her true identity

Cecilia Arne (ref. TN, vol.6, no.2, p.47): Her first appearance on stage

Maugham Collection: re. picture described in TN, vol.6, no.2, p.38

Twickenham Theatre (ref. TN, vol.2, no.4, p.79): bill dated 1831, for Heir at Law and The Devil to Pay

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