Vol. 62, No. 1

pp1-60, 2008


  1. Was Mary Lee the 'Woman Turned Bully'

    María José Mora

    The Woman Turn’d Bully, described by Restoration critic Gerard Langbaine as ‘a very Diverting Comedy’, was produced by the Duke’s Company at the Dorset Garden Theatre in 1675. The title character, Betty Goodfeild, is a young girl of a Derbyshire family who is trying to escape an arranged marriage and comes to London, disguised as a man, to find a match more to her liking.

  2. England's Glory and Celebrations at Court for Queen Anne's Birthday in 1706

    Olive Baldwin and Thelma Wilson

    The text of England’s Glory, a musical entertainment performed before Queen Anne on her birthday, was published in 1706. The composer of the work, James Kremberg, signed its dedication to the queen, but there is no mention in the text of the librettist.

  3. Deciphering The Downfall of Shakespeare on a Modern Stage of 1765

    Iain Mackintosh

    The Theatre Museum has recently acquired this mysterious work by William Dawes. It measures 69.8 cm. by 90.8 cm. It was put up for auction by Maria Dubno Nicoll, retired librarian of the University of Birmingham Shakespeare Institute and widow of Allardyce Nicoll (1894-1976), at the Malvern Sale Room of Philip Serrell Auctioneer on 11 May 2006.


There were no book reviews in this issue

Was Mary Lee the ‘Woman Turned Bully’ –§– England’s Glory and Celebrations at Court for Queen Anne’s Birthday in 1706 –§– Deciphering The Downfall of Shakespeare on a Modern Stage of 1765.


This is the first issue of Theatre Notebook to feature colour reproduction, in Iain Mackintosh’s exploration of the significance of the painting The downfall of Shakespeare on amodern stage, recently purchased for the Theatre Museum (also known as The V&A Theatre Collection) with financial assistance from the Society for Theatre Research and from the estate of Society for Theatre Research stalwart Jack Reading.

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